We are hiring freelance drivers, our starting fee is 17€ (VAT excluded). We also provide a bonus scheme for efficiency.

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    FOODLOGICA is a local food delivery company, based in the Netherlands, France and Italy, with a focus on convenient zero-emission transport. We use unique e-bikes and e-vans for our deliveries which are an eye-catching sight in the traffic. We are very selective with picking the organizations we work with, the products we deliver are produced by local or small food producers. Our business partners are selected on their commitment to fulfill sustainable standards, quality of produce, network, and location. Together we make urban areas a little cleaner with every delivery.

    Primarily, you will drive our electric car and electric bike, while meeting amazing people producing amazing food. This job comes with ensuring all cargo is safely transported on schedule, clients are happy and vehicles remain in good condition. It’s therefore important that you have knowledge of the city, pay attention to detail and are someone who takes responsibility and ownership of your professional work.


    Driver’s license & BSN


    Freelance Status & KVK

    Problem solver

    Able to handle complex situations

    Polite attitude

    Flexibility: Our shifts are pretty stable, so you can organize your life easily and we can organize the deliveries more efficiently, shift after shift. We request monthly availability on the 15th of the month before, structure is the key of our efficiency. We love to provide the same shift to the same employee, when we see that there is good feedback from the client and especially regarding service and punctuality.

    Salary: 17 €/hour (VAT excluded) invoiced by the employee to FOODLOGICA at the end of the calendar month and paid within 15 days.

    Candidate’s requirements: we expect the candidate to have a fixed availability of working hours,  with option to pick up extra shifts, a BSN and European driver’s license and to be fluent in written and verbal communication in English. We prefer candidates with previous experience, fast and polite, that understand what HACCP conditions are. We love candidates that love outdoor lifestyle and marry a sustainable mission by heart. We do not entertain candidates who are not respectful towards themselves, the team, the colleagues, that are visibly politically associated (no racism, no sexism, no abusive activities).

    Benefits: Our company is built with our people. Whenever candidates demonstrate punctuality, cleanliness, willingness to do more, we provide them with additional hub shifts (hub support), with the possibility to grow into our hub assistant permanently. We have had drivers so responsible that at one point they have also joined to work with our office team. We are open minded and will always prefer our drivers for operational-types of openings.