FOODLOGICA is a logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system using e‑trikes.

FOODLOGICA links local food, consumers and businesses in Amsterdam’s city center through transport that reduces emissions, congestion and pollution.

FOODLOGICA’s flexible services suit diverse clients, such as local businesses such as food shops, small-scale food producers, chefs, restaurants, and other food related local actors in Amsterdam’s innovative, bike-friendly city.

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FOODLOGICA lives to elevate the virtuous cycle of food in the urban ecosystem by integrating convenient, zero-emission transport to local businesses. To do so, we provide a logistical service that supports local, quality food producers and businesses, guaranteeing fresh delivery for optimal sale and consumption. We continue pushing to blend traditional, innovative and cultural behaviors into urban development.



As FOODLOGICA seeks to develop new sustainable standards for urban food consumption, the selection of our clients is of foremost importance. FOODLOGICA selects its business partners primarily on their commitment to fulfill sustainable standards, quality of produce, network and location.

  • "We choose FOODLOGICA because they correspond with our values and make the city a little nicer!"

  • "It is logical for us to work with Foodlogica since we are in need of a professional partner who can comply with our high standards of being a sustainable business."

  • "BiteMe is always searching for the most sustainable solution to everything we do with food. We are happy that FOODLOGICA provides a solution that can basically replace a car."

  • "Foodlogica's forward thinking distribution & transport methods are environmentally friendly and their prices are competitive!"

  • "FOODLOGICA is green and there is no pollution! – The price is good, the bicycles look nice, the reaction time is fast, and the owner is friendly; what more reason do you need?"

  • "FOODLOGICA is the perfect solution for us to supply our stores without spending too much time or causing air pollution."

  • "We need to make sustainable decisions in the early stages of our development, and FOODLOGICA is the sustainable and reliable partner we are doing business with."

  • "FOODLOGICA seems perfectly adapted to their environment and offer a great service, which is fast, versatile and cost effective."

  • "We like to work with FOODLOGICA because we love our city, and saving on heavy traffic really helps in making our city friendlier to everybody!"





The electric cargo bike is available to delivery food from location A to B or multiple locations in Amsterdam. Prices are built together with our clients, and based on load capacity and distance covered. We are flexible, easily tailoring services to meet your needs in a fashion that is convenient, fast and clean – from working with local producers, cafés, chefs, catering businesses and restaurants to warehouse loading and delivery.



Through our tailored delivery services, we offer a clean, reliable option for you to get what you need to your event or market.



Traveling throughout the city, FOODLOGICA e‑trike cargo boxes provide prime advertising space. On our e‑trike, your sustainably focused business gains visibility and recognition for its practices and local partnership. To suit your needs, we offer optional advertisement packages. Greater advertising opportunities are available by participating in FOODLOGICA’s growing on and off-line community. Review our prices here




To further increase the low-impact nature of FOODLOGICA we have devised a system of charging the bikes off-grid using solar power. Our FOODLOGICA container is a self-sufficient charging station which can be relocated or replicated in a sustainable manner as the business grows.


FOODLOGICA has worked with key partners to provide this system. Our e‑trikes are produced in Germany by Radkutsche’s youthful team of highly experienced and enthusiastic, sustainability focused electric cargo bike creators. For the cargo box itself, Netherlands local Paul Beuk of Beuk Kunst and Konstructie worked with us from concept to product to build our custom cargo hold. Last but not least, Van Dyck Solar expertly retrofitted our shipping container with solar power.

For a cost effective way to promote your brand as a client of FOODLOGICA across Amsterdam we offer advertising opportunities on our e-trikes which will be seen around the city. Review our prices here.




Prices starting from 5.50 EURO!

Our pricing system is formulated around different needs and services. Pricing is dependent on deliveries within three different zones listed by postcode (shown on map) and which type of business you are involved in.

As an additional service we offer advertising opportunities to promote your sustainable brand on our e-trikes. Review our prices here.



We offer deliveries up to and including 100 km. Our delivery riders can handle multiple drop‑offs and pick‑ups and plan their routes in order to be as cost-efficient as possible for our customers.



Our e‑trikes are each capable of transporting up to 300 kg (driver included). Loads over this are made by multiple journeys or more than one vehicle. Heavy packages should ideally be split down to facilitate easy loading and unloading by the delivery rider



We have different types of vehicles with different volume capacity, up to 160X90X90.



Transportation can be arranged from and to addresses in Amsterdam.



FOODLOGICA is CITIES’ first registered commercial activity. CITIES Foundation is based in The Netherlands, working on urban analysis, research, communication and community-based project development. FOODLOGICA is a spin-off of CITIES’ Farming the City project, three-years and running in 2014, which serves as a global platform promoting sustainable and local food consumption, production, transportation and processing.


After initial research proved the sustainability and profitability of FOODLOGICA, it is now in a lean start-up phase. Starting June 2014, we are prototyping the business using our e‑trikes and a small team of people managing project development. During this process, we are searching for financers to develop organically as the business grows.


Want to ride a sleek electric bike around Amsterdam delivering super fresh food – and get paid to do it? We need people with a flexible schedule, available to work roughly 3‑10 hours / week. Knowledge and skill in cycling and interest in food and food systems is preferred.



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